We have a Nansen Refugee Award winner this year and we will have a serious responsibility that must be accomplished completely without any single mistake. A direct message from the UNHCR communication staff to us indicating about different type of missions that we would be facing. The first question that came into our minds was how would we deliver the message of Amin, the president and founder of the Jeel Albina Association and the award winner of Nansen via live broadcasts using the slowest internet in the world?!. It was a challenge that could not be escaped. Amin will talk to United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi, through our studio and live in a long meeting using the latest cameras and equipment that will transmit the event to the world.

Frankly, Amin’s winning of the award, made us work day and night with all our energy to accomplish this task, which we have already completed without errors. Our joy at Amin’s accomplishments, which resonated with the world, was indescribable. The IT team suggested combining all internet lines into one link. This suggestion was taken into consideration and implemented. It worked like a charm and this suggestion was a key for the success of the live broadcast without any interruption. The moment Filippo Grandi spoke with Amin via YPN studios was a great achievement for us because we played a significant role in conveying Amin’s message to the world. “It’s the first time I’m standing in front of the camera and speaking live on the air،” Amin told me in our first conversation at YPN Studio. I knew that there would be another challenge, which is to conduct several rehearsals with Amin through the camera in order to make sure that everything is OK. Amin did it and broke the barriers of fear from the very first attempts.

Amin, who had to move his office several times to different locations after the volatile battlefronts, and explosions that reached his organization. He could overcome all of these events and definitely, he would overcome such little fear of live event. The efforts made by UNHCR and local partners in Yemen are not counted, and our role in YPN is to convey this to the world. The war in Yemen will definitely has an end, and we will certainly remember all the efforts and people who faced danger for the sake of humanity.