Working in Yemen and holding a camera in the field with full equipment’s as a reporter at TV channel, Newsgathering specialist, communication specialist or even a hobbyist has never been challenging as nowadays, and getting to be mobile and well-armed with Mojo is a weapon that would overcome all of the obstacles.

Two things make mobile journalism unique. First, it enables reporters to carry out many production and distribution activities with a single device. Second and this is what makes smartphones truly revolutionary, the audience also has access to the means of producing content. This allows for new forms of storytelling, and supports a more inclusive approach to journalism.

Smartphones are an affordable and portable production studio for every journalist, whether you work in TV, radio, online news or for a newspaper.


  • Tips for finding a great mobile journalism story, and choosing the best filming locations.
  • Master the shot types and angles used in professional video journalism.
  • Mastering composition and professional framing will improve your video journalism and storytelling.
  • Video recording techniques via Professional mobile video recording applications
  • Video editing techniques via Multi-track Professional mobile video editing applications
  • Going live with smartphone

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