Delivering any media package requires various stages during implementation . Staring from initiating the request and ending with uploading and sharing the footage. YPN has initiated the new Project Management System [PMS] to update each client either individual or enterprise instantly though an automated emails mechanism. As a result, each client will be notified with each stage of their projects. Clients will be able to know what we are doing and when the project is delivered. 

So how does the system work and how will our clients get access to this system?

Clients will be provided with their login details. They can edit their profiles whenever they need afterwards. Only YPN staff our clients have the privilege accessing into the system as below :

1- Visit YPN website :

2- A pop-up box will appear and prompt you to enter your email for our newsletter related to YSL system [Yemen Stock Library]. This is has nothing to do with PMS. YSL is a service provided by YPN. It is a different platform made by us for our clients to have access to huge stock media library from Yemen. Another blog is dedicated to YSL. You may add your email in order to get notification from YSL about every new stock footage, or you may close the pop-up by pressing on the X mark on the top right corner

3- Hover the mouse and press on [My Account], you will be directed to Login page. Write down your email and password. Press login. Your will be directed to [My Projects] page where you can view and browse all of your past and present projects with YPN.

4- You will be able to view your projects either in list view or in grid view. 

Grid View

List View

5- To check the status of any particular project, press on the title of the project and you will be directed to another page where you can view the status of each task done by YPN team. There is an indicator for each task [ Outstanding, In Progress or Complete ].


6- When you are browsing the system, you will be able to know at which stage exactly we are working on . However, you will receive a notification from an automated email only when the uploading stage is done.

7- Now, we come to the important part. How do you get access to your footage?.

You can view or download all of your media assess by opening the discussion section as photos below. The link is generated from our server in dropbox. In case you had an issue with opening the link, you may contact us directly or send a comment. Make sure that you notify YPN staff when you write your comment by selecting staff in charge. This will generate emails so that we can react immediately. 

Notification Mechanism :

 Receiving a notification emails are activated when :

  • New Project is created
  • When successfully uploading a media asset
  • When successfully completing the project
  • When there is a comment