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We ensure that our clients is updated with our recent work and showcase. More project, challenges, achievements, and clients too are being incorporated into our profile. We would love to keep you updated with every single step we take because be believe that we are all part of it.  

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Moohialdin Fuad
Field Guidance PDF

Preparation for every mission in the field is the a significant factor for best result. Providing every single team with perfect guidance cannot be ignored in YPN. We learn from experience to build this guidance and with our client’s reviews, we build our knowledge together providing best outcome possible. This guidance is updated regularly. 

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Moohialdin Fuad
YPN's Crucial Role in Covering the FSOSafer Oil Transfer Mission

In recent weeks, the world has witnessed one of the largest missions in Yemen’s history – the transfer of 1.15 million barrels of oil from the FSOSafer to the replacement tank, the Yemen. This mission, led by the United Nations, aims to prevent a potentially catastrophic humanitarian, environmental, and economic disaster.

At the forefront of this operation, the Yemen Production Network (YPN), as a top leading media company in Yemen, has played a vital role in ensuring comprehensive media coverage of this event. In this blog, we will explore the importance of YPN’s involvement in documenting and disseminating visuals about the efforts to avert the Red Sea spill.

  1. Raising Global Awareness:

YPN’s media involvement in covering the FSOSafer oil transfer mission has been instrumental in raising global awareness by UN about the severity and urgency of the situation in Yemen. By leveraging our extensive media network, UN has been able to reach a wide audience, including international news outlets, policymakers, and concerned citizens. Through our comprehensive coverage, YPN has ensured that the entire world knows about the immense efforts being undertaken to prevent a potential catastrophe.

  1. Holding Stakeholders Accountable:

As a leading media company in Yemen, YPN has played a crucial role in holding stakeholders accountable for their actions, or lack thereof, in addressing the FSOSafer crisis. By providing transparent and unbiased coverage, YPN has highlighted the importance of swift action and effective decision-making by local and international authorities. This has put pressure on relevant parties to prioritize the resolution of the crisis and has facilitated a more coordinated response.

  1. Promoting Humanitarian and Environmental Concerns:

YPN’s involvement in media coverage has shed light on the humanitarian and environmental consequences of a potential Red Sea spill. By showcasing the potential impact on local communities, fragile ecosystems, and regional stability, YPN has underscored the need for immediate action. By capturing compelling stories and images, YPN has humanized the crisis, making it relatable to audiences around the world and fostering empathy and support for the mission.

  1. Facilitating Communication and Collaboration:

YPN’s role in media coverage has facilitated communication and collaboration among various stakeholders involved in the FSOSafer mission. By providing a platform for visuals exchange, YPN has helped coordinate efforts between the United Nations, partner organizations, local authorities, and other key players. This has contributed to a more efficient response, ensuring that resources are deployed effectively and logistical challenges are addressed promptly.

  1. Inspiring Positive Change:

Through its comprehensive and impactful coverage, YPN has inspired positive change in the response to the FSOSafer crisis. By highlighting success stories, showcasing innovative solutions, and sharing stories of resilience and determination, YPN has motivated individuals and organizations to contribute to the cause. YPN’s media coverage has not only informed the public but has also empowered them to take action, whether through donations, advocacy, or spreading awareness.

The involvement of the Yemen Production Network (YPN) in media coverage of the FSOSafer oil transfer mission has been of paramount importance. YPN’s comprehensive and professional approach has enabled global awareness, accountability, and collaboration among stakeholders. By highlighting the humanitarian, environmental, and economic risks associated with the potential Red Sea spill, YPN has played a pivotal role in averting a catastrophe and inspiring positive change. As Yemen continues to face immense challenges, the invaluable contribution of media organizations like YPN in documenting critical events cannot be overstated.

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Do we really need 2D explanatory animation videos?

In the last few years, 2D animation videos have been used to promote a wide range of products and services. From children’s toys to beauty products, they have been used as a cost-effective marketing tool to drive sales and increase customer engagement.

Why 2D animation Videos?

2D animation videos are an excellent way of explaining difficult concepts in a fun and engaging way. They are also highly effective at capturing people’s attention and presenting a brand in the best possible light. As in YPN, we produce 2D explanatory videos for clients especially during conflict in Yemen. Due to hard-to-access in some situations. 2D videos works like a charm in such cases in very effective way to deliver optimal results. In addition,.2D animation videos help to increase sales, customer engagement and brand loyalty by creating an emotional connection with the viewer.

What can we offer?

We in YPN consider the possible elements to provide complete and satisfactory animation videos with unlimited revisions because we know very well that such productions cannot be delivered within the very first draft and because we must finish what we started in a very professional and effective manner

Each client has something in mind and because we know how it goes, we have very talented and well-experienced animators and communication officers who work closely with our clients making sure that the final product is exactly what is meant to be.

The door always open to our clients for any inquiries or questions


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Moohialdin Fuad
The Future of Stock Footage: A New Media Library in Yemen

Ever since the film industry began, filmmakers have relied on stock footage to help them tell their stories. Yemen is a conflict zone and finding the right team who has access to all cities and can provide professional footage using high tech equipment is really challenging. Through our experience in the media field in Yemen for more than 13 years, we were able to solve all these obstacles by developing Stock Arena system. Stock Arena is a media library hub that allocate media professionals in Yemen in one place. This system is the perfect and optimal solution for TV channels, producers, large organizations and media professionals who are looking for footage from various parts in Yemen. The system will save days and months searching for media teams. It will save money especially for those who have limited budget. Now, with just a click, you will have access to hundreds of high quality footage from Yemen.

Finding the right teams, traveling, obtaining permissions, and uploading material were done previously. The only thing left is to download your footage and start working on your production stage immediately. Stock Arena is the first and largest footage stock library system in Yemen. It will ensure optimal delivery. Customers can buy clips directly or join monthly or yearly memberships unlimited downloads. Freelancers are able to share their high quality footage and customers will have variety of options. With so many filmmakers using stock footage to enhance their projects, this new library may prove useful to those who don’t have the time or budget to spend searching elsewhere. And, with one location available to search through all the best clips, it’ll make it easier than ever before to find exactly what you need.

Stock Arena is an intermediary system between vendors (video professionals, freelancers, media companies) and the customers (TV channels, organizations, producers, ect..) who are intended to buy either a single clip or subscribing with Stock Arena membership plans. All copyright belongs to their owners and footage are provided exclusively Stock Arena. Not only that, we opened the door to customers to reach and contact freelancers instantly with no limits. As a results, customers will get chance to know more about the freelancers and their capabilities. In the other hand, freelancers will obtain new direction strengthening network and increasing the number of their clients.

Right now, the system provides stock footage only and in the the beginning of 2023 more services will be included such as Stock Photos, and other services for talented people who can showcase their services in the system for customers. This system is considered the first gate to Yemen to everyone who is looking for professional media footage from every single place in Yemen. We have an uploading target by the end of December reaching 1,435 clip uploaded successfully into the system. Footage are ready and the uploading processes is taking place everyday. 

Yemen has the slowest internet connection in the glob and this is a real challenge for us to deal with. The main concept is already taking place and the system is already tested and ready to serve everyone in Yemen and in the Glob. 

We are in YPN as a leading media company in Yemen have dedicated months, efforts, and resources developing this system. This is the first attempt ever in Yemen and in the Arabic region and we believe that reaching this level and releasing YSL to the public is going to move the media environment in Yemen to the next level. Right now, Yemen is closer than ever.

YPN is proud for such achievement. 

Access Stock Arena system : http://stockarena.net

Read about FAQ and Policies : https://stockarena.net/faq/

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